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Farma Net Albania was established by a group of local businessmen whose desire was to reflect their success in their previous activities also in the pharmaceutical sector. Farma Net Albania was established in July 2009 and it operates in trading pharmaceutical, cosmetics, dermo-cosmetics and orthopedic products as well as surgical and hospital equipment.

Farma Net Albania operates in two sectors: in the retail sector as a chain of pharmacies through a network, as well as in the wholesale sector as an importer and pharmaceutical distributor representing some prestigious foreign companies.




The company's main activity is import and distribution of drugs, supplements and other pharmaceutical products across the pharmaceutical network in Albania, as well as the provision of pharmaceutical services in pharmacies that are in its possession.

Initially, the activity began with the opening of a pharmacy, a model in terms of organization and approach to customers, providing service with European standards. Subsequently, the activity expanded with the pharmaceutical distribution, initially with cosmetic products, and later with supplements, vitamins and medications.

Farma Net Albania is the exclusive representative for Albania and the region (Greece, Macedonia, Kosovo) of some manufacturing companies or foreign representatives. The company covers every step of trading products to which it is representative, since the registration of drugs in the National Drug Control Center, import, marketing, distribution and sale of products in the entire country. 

The network pharmacies, with locations in key areas of Tirana, operate under the highest standards offering a quality service where the patient is always placed in the center. The novelty brought by this network is the customer card, which enables various benefits for holders of this card in each of the pharmacies where they can buy. 

Currently, the company has as part of it five pharmacies, as well as a pharmaceutical warehouse located in the center of Tirana for the management of the distribution. The current staff consists of 25 people educated and trained in the best local and foreign schools.




The pharmaceutical products that Farma Net Albania trades are taken directly from the manufacturer or the legal representative of the manufacturer in Albania and abroad. These products are with high quality and international standards, be traded for a long time in the European and American market.

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